Grow Your Customer Base: 5 Aspects to MarketingAs a business owner you know that content marketing is an economical way to reach prospective customers and grow your client base. Social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, reach 80% of total Internet users which accounts for 20% of the time spent online. If you are on a budget, a good content marketing strategy might be the ticket to more business for you.

Content marketing will not take the place of advertising entirely. It will reduce the need to purchase media space on other sites though. Branded sites are three times more effective than digital ads according to Nielsen Ratings. One of the easiest ways to find success in content marketing is by having a strong content development strategy, here are 5 crucial aspects to build into your customer growth strategy.

5 Crucial Aspects to Content Development Success:

  1. Authority – Your company has to establish itself as a leader in your industry. Your brand has to follow suit here also. High quality content is a must for you to be considered a leader in your field. All your content does not have to reside on your website. Consider other ways to get your word out such as guest blogs and RSS feeds.
  2. Social Media – In today’s world this is a must. The more eyes that see your content the better shape you will be in. Twitter, Facebook, Google + and others allow you to reach customers and grow your brand. The goal is for your content to be shared as much as possible.
  3. Search Engine Optimization – The content you get out is the best asset you have. As you write blogs and get other types of content online you will begin to build associated keywords. Search engines will begin to recognize your site as an authority in your field and rank you higher and higher in online searches.
  4. Leads – You want to generate leads for your business. Products such as eBooks and webinars draw prospective customers to your site. Once there you will need to get them to give you their contact information. Generally, these leads are researching the market and your content should answer questions and help the prospective customer with a buying decision. Your content should lead to the end result, a sale of one of your products.
  5. Nurturing – After you have gotten that good solid lead and maybe even done business with him or her you need to continue to offer value to the customer. Ask them to sign up for a trial offer. Get them to like you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter. Nurture your customers, both real and prospective, and watch your business grow.

Potential buyers want  you to be an expert in your industry. Use social media to reach more potential customers with your content offers. Improving your search engine rankings will help more customers find your website. More people will continue to find your site and  your content will hopefully spur them to do business with your company. As you nurture your relationship with your leads, and customers, they will continue to come back time and again to your website.

Content marketing is the name of the game. There is no substitute for it. While your website content won’t be the only way to market your company it will be highly visible and a great way to produce profits for the money invested in it.


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