How Small Business Blogging Increases Your Internet PresenceSmall business blogging is becoming the smartest way to generate web traffic, provided you know what you’re blogging about. The most effective and profitable blogs are the ones that educate readers about product experiences. Now that a majority of online buyers research products before they buy them, you can gain a lot of credibility if your blogs help people make sensible purchasing decisions.

Getting Noticed Online

Millions of people are already searching for specific products online. So why not give them the information they’re looking for? They want to know if a product has worked for other people or if it’s just a bunch of hype. Every time you write a useful blog about a niche product, you have the opportunity of gaining web traffic through search engines, which favor informative blogs. If you are constantly writing about products that have appeal but are not widely reviewed online, you can show up at the top of search rankings for niche keywords.

Even though your blog needs to be informative, you do not necessarily need to be an expert at everything you write about. You can gain information from doing research or interviews and then share what you have learned with your followers. The most important thing to remember is that your blog provides unique details for specific keyword phrases. By telling a useful story about those keywords and not just filler material, you can gain an edge with the crowd that searches for fresh new information and perspectives on that topic.

Link Building

Your blog page needs to direct readers to either links to get more information or links to purchase products. The more blogs you write, the more products you ultimately link to and the more search engines will list your blog and attract new traffic. Ideally, you want your blog to earn online revenue, which is usually done through an affiliate marketing program. To maximize your blog presence, you should also consider an index of links to all your previous blogs, even if the theme changes from day to day or week to week.

Sharing links within your blog naturally helps search engine rankings, as long as the links go to quality sites. The more you can steer users toward their desired links, the more likely they will keep coming back to your site as a hub for deeper information. Using keyword phrases as internal links can also help achieve better SEO since you are helping users navigate toward their destinations. Your blogs can also become links shared by social network friends. When someone links to your site or blog it counts as a “backlink,” which helps improve your search results.

Call to Action

A call to action is a statement that directs your followers to take a certain action. It may be to “like” your Facebook page, find more information or follow a landing page that steers traffic toward products. A blog can end with a call to action to purchase ebooks, classes, videos or anything else that drives them even more toward useful knowledge. An effective call to action can generate leads for more sales by triggering word of mouth or viral campaigns. 

If you never take any action with your website and it never gets updated, traffic may erode and disappear. If you never ask your followers to take action they likely never will. Attracting an online audience can be done several ways but writing an informative blog can be the easiest low cost way that even earns money. The key is to create unique blogs that others think are worth sharing through social networks.

Has your business’ Google rankings increased as a result of your blogging?  Share your comments below.

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