Content Marketing StrategyHaving a viable content marketing strategy is vital to online survival. Content keeps a business connected to its target market. Online content marketing helps in branding and generates more leads and sales. Besides on-page optimization, companies are now spending a bulk of their marketing budget on content marketing to build more awareness, create retention and generate more leads. Content strategies are usually engineered before social media strategies.

While devising a sound content marketing strategy there are certain factors that need to be considered:

Clarity in content

Search engines prefer clear content that carries useful information for readers. Planning for the creation, delivery, and management of useful content takes special consideration. The content needs to be relevant to your product, service, industry and scope of business activity. An experienced content marketing strategist knows how Google, Yahoo and Bing rate the content. Your rankings can get elevated if your content gets more likes or maybe even goes viral.

Choose the right channels

YouTube, Flicker, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Hubpages and Squidoo are all great for marketing your products and services through crisp content. If you are selling used boats, it is a good idea to make some videos and post on YouTube and other video channels with your keywords in titles and descriptions. Take images and upload at Flickr and Pinterest to get better traffic to your site. Search for relevant blogs and post your content there. Relevance is an important factor in search rankings and will help you get leads and sales.

Promote at the right channels

Look for classified ads with a high PR and place your ads there. eBay classifieds, Recycler and Craigslist are also great sources of traffic. It is good to use the description text from your website and use it in the ads along with your landing page link. Use a lot of tagged images and details about your product or services. Plugins such as addthis on the landing pages help sites get bookmarked by prospects and this in return elevates the client site’s rankings in major search engine.

Outbound marketing methods such as email blasts are also helpful in generating leads. An experienced content marketing company knows the proper use of social media, press releases, blogging and display advertising and uses the most appropriate channels to promote their clients’ content.

As a market leader or a budding company of an industry, the social circles would like to read some of your reviews on industry related events and news. Your views and comments regarding recent happenings will help highlight you as an active member of the community. All social media has integrated in specialized communities. Create your own and be part of similar communities where you can get some quality traffic. Knowing where your target market is socializing and drawing them to your website will bring a better return on investment. You can also create authority by referencing the gurus in the field to gain recognition from prospects.

Measure success

Google analytics allows companies to check the sources of traffic to their website. A good traffic pie-chart shows 33% or more of all website traffic from referrals. While 33% or more is generated by search keywords. By checking Google analytics often you can continue with marketing practices that are giving you results. Use goals to see how the traffic is converting so you know what changes to make to your content marketing strategy.

Marketing professionals and executives who need to market their content across various channels hire the services of experienced content marketing professionals who help large corporations and small businesses meet online business goals on time.

Did we miss any critical elements of an epic content marketing strategy? Let us know how content marketing is working for you.

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