Improve Your Clickthrough Rates and Email Marketing CampaignWhen many people click through and read your emails, it means you are giving them relevant content, good enough to make them come back for more. High click-through rates make you educate your recipients, nurture them to become qualified leads then hand them over to your sales team to convert to customers. However, if only a few people are clicking through your emails, there must be something wrong with you or your recipients.

Unfortunately, clickthrough rates often tend to be on the lower side. To improve the click-through rate, you should follow best email marketing practices. Your recipients could not be clicking on your emails simply because you do not ask them to. Design an email survey to get insight into your recipients’ behaviors and know why they are not reading your emails.

How to Design an Optimized Email Survey

Surveys are an effective way of collecting information from your recipients. You will get a better response if you optimize your email surveys. When designing email survey to increase response rate, there are a number of things you should consider:

Increase Response Rate

  • Ask as few questions as possible. One or two are enough.
  • Reduce the amount of time you need your contacts to spend on answering questions that benefit you.
  • Allow your contacts to provide feedback within the email to reduce the effort needed to complete the survey.
  • Make the email as brief as possible and to the point. Avoid including a lot of text.
  • Tailor the email towards your recipients and not you. Your contacts are more willing to take action where they will benefit.
  • Point out how they will benefit from participating in the survey.

Some email tools have click-tracking features which allow you to see who clicked in your emails and which links therein. When designing email surveys, know what you aim to achieve with them.

Here is an overview of what you should do:

Email Survey Design

  • Determine the goals of your survey and the questions you hope to answer.
  • Decide what information you want your recipients to provide you.
  • Avoid giving recipients alternative answers, especially answers that prompt them to choose one over another. Provide alternatives to cover majority of your respondents’ opinions.
  • Including an option for “other” can be good but sometimes it can complicate the results of your survey. Ideally, ask your respondents to choose one of the given options that is close to their actual answer.

By conducting email surveys, you will get to know why your recipients behave the way they do. If your emails are getting a low click-through rate, survey results can show you whether your contacts find your content interesting, the content is relevant to them or their needs, you send content too frequently, they have time to read emails, they neither know you nor your company (particularly when you purchase or rent email lists), etc.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is also a good additional way to know how your contacts behave and what they expect from you.

Once you get the results, work on each response separately. Segment results according to the responses you provided. This process will help you identify the weak points of your email marketing and give you ways to improve your clickthrough rates and email marketing in general.

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