Inbound Marketing Companies are like Tugboat Captains This morning I was sitting on the beach in Maui drinking a cup of coffee watching a huge cruise ship come into port. Even though I’m on vacation I am always thinking about work and how the inbound marketing industry relates to everyday life. I’ve found it helpful for PageLadder clients when we can relate what we do for them to the offline world since a lot of the work my company does for our clients is behind the scenes online.

Today as I watched this huge cruise boat thread the needle between two jetties I noticed it was receiving help and guidance from a tugboat captain. Without that tugboat captain pushing and pointing that large ship in the right direction it could end up in a bad position or perhaps never make it to port at all. Not to mention this area of Maui is known for insanely strong winds a lot of the time making the waters rough and unpredictable, sort of like the first page of google.

If you are a company, brand, or business looking to hit the ground running with inbound marketing to get your business found online it would be in your best interest to look for a captain to pilot your strategy in the right direction. There are a lot of unpredictable factors that are not always in your control when looking to do marketing online and it is always changing. At PageLadder we bury ourselves with inbound marketing everyday so we can stay at the front lines of what is working best and how to most efficiently achieve the results we want for ourselves and other companies we work with.

Just as no captain would attempt to dock a 500 foot ship at port in the Maui wind without the help of a skilled tugboat captain, don’t market your business online without enlisting the help of professionals with that specific expertise. Don’t risk doing something incorrectly the first time that could set you way back. Enlist the help of a company like PageLadder known for getting you the results you want.

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