Thank-Your-Way-to-a-Successful-Marketing-StrategyIn a fast paced electronic world swept with facts and figures, there is still something profound about seeing your own name in positive correspondence. Getting a “thank you” email humanizes the interaction between the client and the company. On top of that, it’s a proven fact that using your name is the fastest and most effective way to getting your attention.  Here is one way that good manners can actually make the company some money. When saying “thank you”, the company immediately identify itself as being reputable as well as approachable.

Benefits of Sending “Thank You” Emails:

  • It offers a positive point of engagement between the customer and the company.
  • It promotes a positive image of the company.
  • It is a reflection of courteous behavior that the customer may expect from physical interaction.
  • Brand loyalty is being endorsed.
  • It generates trust in the product as well as current and future interactions.
  • It allows the customer to feel that they count, and that they are not a mere number.
  • It offers better communication and promotes a sense of belonging.
  • It encourages greater rapport and better customer connection.
  • It can dissipate potential irate situations.

It’s important to know when “thank you” emails can be used effectively. To optimally use each contact point, the company can make it easy for the customer to share good experiences on social media by adding links or icons to the “thank you” email.

Transactional Emails:

This applies when the interaction is built around the completion of a specific act like a confirmation of an internet based sale. Another example is when the customer signs up for a newsletter. In most cases the customer would expect an email to confirm the submission of the application. Instead of merely providing a generic affirmative message stating that the information has been received, the company can personalize the interaction and thank the customer for the patronage.

General Queries:

Comments and queries are always welcome from the customer. It is a customer initiated interaction that gives yet another opportunity to clarify product specifications and promote sales. The customers are able to make suggestions and give special offers to support more sales. At the end of information based correspondence, an email can be sent to the client to thank them for their query.

Landing pages:

Should a client visit the company’s website and navigate to a particular promotional page, the company can use the opportunity to send an email to thank the customer for the visit.

Overuse of this email marketing tool can be considered as spam, and the last thing the company want is to have the customer block any further emails from the source. Use technology to your advantage. With dynamic email creation you can ensure that the amount of automatic emails to a client is monitored and restricted where needed.

To make the interaction more effective, several techniques can be employed. Use the email to make a call to action. This can be to make a comment, to view or to buy a particular product. Promotional detail can also be added or there could be an incentive based initiative that spurs future engagement.

Ultimately the aim is to open a marketing avenue through emails and encourage more customer engagement. This simple gesture of saying “thank you” is universal and certainly goes a long way in a lot of societies. After all, when a company takes hold of the value of each interaction, then their clients truly deserve a ‘thank you’.

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