On-Page SEO: Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page (Infographic)

With the meteoric rise of inbound marketing, it’s easy to forget bread and butter SEO fundamentals like on-page SEO.

Although the days of keyword stuffing are long gone, that doesn’t mean on-page SEO died with it. Actually, with Google’s renewed interest in user experience metrics as part of their gauntlet of ranking signals, on-site SEO is more important than ever.

Instead of focusing on things like meta tags and relevancy, on-Page is now an extension of how people interact with your site.

This visual tutorial helps distill some actionable strategies you can use to get more search engine traffic to your site using on-page SEO.

Here are the 4 most important takeaway tips from the infographic:

1. Don’t forget to add your keyword to your title tag: Try to toe the line between an eye-catching and engaging headline and SEO. With enough creativity, you can usually create a title that people love and that search engines can use to rank your pages.

2. Use Multimedia: One way to please Google and users is to add images, screenshots and embedded video into your content. Doesn’t take a huge investment, but makes a difference in how people interact with your site…resulting in greater dwell time and a lower bounce rate.

3. Outbound link: No matter how much you know about a topic there’s definitely someone else who can contribute something to the conversation. That’s where outbound linking comes into play. Keep in mind that outbound links are a reflection of your site, so be careful about who you link out to. You can’t go wrong with .edu and .gov domains.

4. Focus on Loading Time: Loading time is one of the few ranking signals that Google has actually confirmed as being important. If you’re not particularly tech savvy, consider hiring a coder to clean up your site’s code. Sometimes a few hours of expert coder work can result in huge improvements on your site’s speed.

On-Page SEO Inforgraphic


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