The Beginning

PageLadder, Inc. began much the same as most tech start-up companies do, in the homes of the co-founders with little more than a few computers and an Ikea desk.

Robb Bailey, co-founder and CEO, and Raleigh Leslie, co-founder and COO, had a vision for more. The home office has its benefits. For starters, it’s cheap: no extra rent, overhead, or office expenses. People have the freedom to work at their own pace (light speed in the case of Robb and Raleigh) allowing uninhibited progression.

PageLadder, Inc. soon began to grow. Logan Brown, graphic designer and longtime friend of Raleigh came on board to help with web design and technical operations. There was an instant click, and things began moving even faster. Soon after, Dan Holland began working along side Robb, learning everything he could about the Internet Marketing game. With a passion for small business and a strong desire to be part of a growing entity, Dan instantly found himself immersed in the PageLadder, Inc. journey.

Robb and Raleigh quickly began to see the benefits that could be had in an office environment, where co-founders and new employees worked alongside, allowing maximum productivity and uninhibited learning. And so the search for an office space began.

A Perfect Fit

San Diego is far from affordable when it comes to real estate. Office spaces are many, but very few fall within the budget of a frugal startup striving for rapid growth. The objective was to find an office space that fit the PageLadder, Inc. style and personality: creative and growth oriented.

Some things are just meant to be it seems, as Robb stumbled upon (not the app) a historic office building in the heart of the downtown San Diego financial district. The suite was perfect, with an open floor plan, an abundance of natural light, reasonable rent, and a location set in the heart of the business district we aimed to help with our unbeatable service offering.


When the building manager informed us that the suite would not be available for a number of months but a similar suite in the same building was available at a discounted rate, there was no turning back. It was a match made in Internet Marketing heaven: a modern rustic style building with lots of energy and an inescapable feeling of progression and growth.

A few weeks later we had a rental truck, a boatload of discounted furniture, a few dying houseplants, and four guys itching to take over the Internet Marketing game.

Fast Forward

That was two month ago. Fast forward to present day. PageLadder, Inc. is getting ready to move from our temporary suite to the office space we’ve been dreaming about for the past few months. Every time we complete a step in the progression of PageLadder, Inc. a new page is turned and one more small success goes on the books. This is our biggest step yet and we can’t wait to turn the page and see what’s next.

Stay tuned for the grand opening of the PageLadder, Inc. office at 624 Broadway #304 San Diego, CA 92106.

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