Pinterest For Business: by PageLadder

How a Hot New Social Network Has Become a Heavy Hitting Marketing Tool for Brands (And How You Can Use It to Win New Customers)

Learn how and why Pinterest has become a new force in the social media marketing world and how companies can use it to grow their business.

What is Pinterest?

Robb Bailey Pinterest profile snapshot


Pin + Interest = ________

Pinterest is an online pinboard with social sharing features. Pinterest has a focus on anything visually appealing. (above screenshot is from my Pinterest profile)

A relative newcomer to the social media landscape, Pinterest is turning heads with its stunning visual layout and passionate user base.

Of all social media platforms, Pinterest boasts one of the most engaged audiences. In January 2012, users spent an average 81 minutes on the site, which is more time per month per user than Google, YouTube and Twitter—COMBINED!

I’m sure you’re wondering:

What in the heck does this have to do with my business? How can I benefit from Pinterest as a business owner?

Good question.

Why Businesses Can No Longer Afford to Ignore Pinterest

The Growth of Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest is driving more traffic to company websites and blogs than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined, according to a recent report from Cambridge, Mass.-based content-sharing site Shareaholic. That’s some serious traffic!

When there is traffic, there is an opportunity to get more clients, calls, and customers. Your ears should perk up here if they haven’t already.

Free Webinar on Pinterest for Business

My team and I have decided to put together a free PageLadder webinar training to bring you up to speed on how you can take advantage of Pinterest in as little as 15 minutes per day. No, you don’t have to spend all day sitting on your computer to get great results online.

What you will learn:

  • Learn what you need to know to leverage the hottest new social network since Twitter
  • Discover how businesses are using Pinterest to engage their customers (and how you can too)

In the blink of an eye, the social-sharing network known as Pinterest has become a major Internet force, rivaling giants like Facebook, Google and Twitter. In fact, in early 2012, the site drove more website traffic than any other social network, save Facebook!


Interested in learning how to leverage Pinterest’s exploding popularity? We invite you to join us for a FREE webinar.

This webinar will include:

  • What is Pinterest and why are business owners and marketers so excited about it?
  • How to get started: setting up your profile and getting to know the site’s core functions
  • Pitfalls to avoid and tactics for the using this popular social network to its full potential

And more!


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