We are proud to have an online course 10 Steps to Get Your Local Business Found Online by our COO and co-founder, Raleigh Leslie recently featured by Udemy.

Part of the course focuses on the technical step of Schema Mark-up Testimonials and will give you some insight on how you can leverage Schema Mark-up to have search engines better recognize your on-page testimonials and attribute them to your business. There is new HTML code that puts content like testimonials into a format search engine crawlers can digest giving your business ownership of the content on your site, which specifically applies to testimonials.

Check out the course here.

Check out this overview video for this section of the course on Reviews and Testimonials for your local business and get an idea of all the awesome insight Raleigh offers in the online course. Save time and money while avoiding critical mistakes, with this online course that lays out a road map to getting your business found online.

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