Quick Tips to Get More Customer Reviews OnlineNeed More Online Customer Reviews? Make it Happen!

Consumers are very particular about spending their money online. With the difficult economic times, they want to know they can trust the entity they buy from. They trust the words of other consumers who have already made such a purchase. That is why you need to have plenty of online customer reviews that talk about a positive experience. Such information will certainly entice potential customers to buy from you!

Ask for Feedback

Let customers know that you are very interested in their feedback. You want them to be honest about their experience. If they offer any negative elements, use them as a learning tool to make your business better. By asking for feedback, the customers also realize you care about them, and not just about getting money from them.
Make it very simple for them to leave the feedback too. Don’t make them go through the process of creating an account and other hassles. It should be something they can do quickly and that they can complete in very little time.

Google Plus

One of the features that is offered out there for such reviews is called Google Plus. It may be a resource that you wish to use for collecting reviews online by your customers. If you aren’t familiar with Google Plus, make it a point to check it out. Many online business owners are very impressed with it.

Offer an Incentive

You can’t go wrong offering incentives either for the online customer reviews. Perhaps they can earn a 10% discount on their next purchase by leaving a review. Not only does this get you great information, it also increases the chance of them being a repeat customer rather than a one-time buyer.
Another type of incentive you can offer is a monthly drawing for a free prize. Each person that has submitted a review gets entered into that drawing for the end of the month. Make sure you tell them what the prize is and that you post on your website each month who the winner was.

Invitation Tools

Don’t just assume that customers will write a review, invite them to do so. The use of an autoresponder can send them an email with a link that allows them to get it done. Such invitation tools are very easy to use for you and for your customers. This also eliminates the need for them to create an account as the tool already knows who your customers are.

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