Quick Tips To Match Your Buyer Personas And CustomersYour assumptions of your buyer personas should match who your customers are, why they choose your products and services and how satisfied they are with your offers. If your assumptions do not match reality, then something is wrong somewhere. You must determine who your ideal customers are and why.

Your buyer personas may not match your customers because of a number of reasons.

  • Products and services are changing with the market dynamics. You may move to an advanced stage or improved product and/or service and yet your customers haven’t embraced the change.
  • Customers do not always remain at the same level. When technology and the marketplace advance, consumers too become sophisticated and react to the changes in the industry.
  • You don’t spend enough time to think about and determine who you want your customers to be and what their needs are.
  • You are not the only business in the industry. Your competitors may be using the situation to their advantage thereby gaining favor in the eyes of consumers.

Buyer Persona Analysis

Assuming that you know your buyer persona will only make your business fail. It is not easy, but it is important to analyze your buyer persona. Ask your buyers what options they had and what made them purchase from you. Ask them about the criteria used to make their purchase decisions that landed you to position one and what factors worked in your favor.

Gather all these information using direct conversations, interviews or customer surveys. You can hire a specialist to conduct buyer persona analysis and to also come up with ways to make buyers stick to you. If you do it right, buyer persona analysis will lead to the success of your business.

One of the reasons why your assumptions may not match the real buyer persona is changes in technology in your market. Almost everything is dynamic in this world. Take your business for instance, it is not the same as it were when you started. Your products, services and customers have not remained the same. The technology you use keeps on changing. Everything is changing and nothing and no one is giving a damn about the pace at which you are embracing these changes.

3 Crucial Tips to Match Your Assumptions to The Real Buyer Personas

  1. Most customers believe only after they see. There is so much uncertainty and risk associated with online shopping. It is only good that you be a part of reducing the uncertainty by showing your customers videos and photos of your products and how they solve problems.
  2. Stay on top of the changes in your industry. Make sure you know what your customers are talking about and how to respond. Use social media, webinars and seminars, phone calls, talk to sales reps, etc. Be open to customer suggestions and respond to feedback, especially negative ones.
  3. Keep thinking about your assumptions and base them on real people and conversations. You cannot brainstorm your buyer persona once and leave it at that. Consider your content old news as soon as you publish it. Always discuss about your buyer persona, strategies and messaging to suit the rapidly changing needs of your customers.

To bring a fresh new world in your business, updating buyer persona is paramount. Update your editorial calendar to include regular reviews of content and sales. It is important to get a professional to give you non partisan viewpoints. To succeed in business, you must think ahead and not just react to conditions after they happen.

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