Master Video MarketingVideo marketing may at first glance seem a daunting task, particularly in a culture where people are weaned on expensive commercial television and cinematography with high production value. Marketers may be deterred by anticipated costs. However, if your technical armory consists of nothing more than a laptop and a high def digital camera, you may have all that you need.

There are professional videographers for hire, to be sure. However, a casual survey of YouTube and Vimeo will reveal that anyone with an intentional and artistic eye can produce high quality video. If your average college student with a free afternoon can do it, so can you.

The defining issue for the marketer is not so likely to be cost as it is strategy. A well thought out marketing strategy can allow you to place calculated content in the right locations. You don’t have to go to film school, you just need to think about what you’re doing. With a little foresight, you’ll be on your way to brilliant marketing. Here are six strategic starting points that will launch your media.

  1. Introductory Videos
  2. In terms of web content, every site’s landing page ought to begin with a brief, engaging, introductory video. This may simply consist of an attractive spokesperson describing your company or product. Test market a number of videos to see which attract the most traffic, and plan to routinely rotate the videos out for new ones to avoid your site going stale. The video should result in an articulate call to action.

  3. First Hand Reports
  4. In the era of social media, first hand recommendations and word of mouth publicity are the central marketing tools. Simple videos of customer testimonies can be shot without a great deal of videographic creativity. Simply record actual customers talking about what they appreciate about your product or company and post them.

  5. Socialize
  6. Further use of social media will only broaden your scope. Create a Facebook fan page that includes video content to address customers needs and curiosity. This can serve the dual purpose of anticipating needs before they arise and adding a fun means of customer service for those who want to contact you. Today people are far more likely to log into Facebook than to call you on the phone, so this is a way to meet them where they are.

  7. Vlog Your Heart Out
  8. Another form of video posting which requires very little skill but communicates a lot of content is the Vlog (or video blog). Record stories of your experience as a company leader or producer. Use your first hand stories to talk about the personality behind the company. Use the vlog to give tutorials and explanations for the areas of your market on which you receive the most feedback or questions. Because vlogs are now so common and the acceptable production values are generally so low, you need only raise the bar a bit to produce better content than that to which people are accustomed. Pay special attention to lighting and sound to add a professional touch.

  9. Use Yelp
  10. Yelp offers a video option that multiplies a company’s impact. Consider using their paid promotions to communicate alongside customer’s reviews of your services (

  11. A Little Q&A
  12. Use video to answer questions alongside products, a sort of built-in, visual instruction manual. If you anticipate customer issues, videos explaining what the customer should expect from the product will give the sense of a caring touch and highly accessible customer service. Plus, anticipating their needs will actually prevent negative feedback and frustrated follow-up.

A calculated strategy for publicity and communication will allow you to build and maintain a customer base. It can be done cost-effectively with tools that most likely you already own. And best of all, it communicates to the world around you that you are a company that live on the cutting edge of society, rather than trailing behind trying to keep up. Affordable video marketing is within your budget, within a brief timeline, and within reach.

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