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The above graphic is now over three years old yet we still talk with businesses every week that are spending a ton of their marketing budget on these Dex listings. The way they get roped into it now is that Dex offers them online bonuses like video and some sort of premium online placement where they charge by impressions and actions. What we can clearly learn from the above photo is that although business are still investing in Dex, the advertising medium it is a dying breed.

Yellow-Pages-Usage-Graph-Over-TimeDex appears to be operating like a cable company with “bundled” services which is a great strategy for them… but not so great for your business. It’s kind of a “spray and pray” strategy that is like a loose cannon. Yes you will get a bunch of things you need like yellow book listings, video marketing and online directory listings. What you won’t get is an expert who is making sure you have all those marketing strategies but also ensuring they are done high quality and will be most beneficial to reach your marketing goals. Have you had a chance to see a video produced by Dex for a business? If you get the chance make sure to notice how ineffective it is at showing how that business is an authority in their industry.

We suggest instead of throwing your money at Dex that you invest with a marketing company that will make sure their goals are aligned with yours. There are much more efficient ways to go about obtaining directory listings and the value of the offline listings are continuing to diminish everyday. Also if you are looking to do video for your business find a way that you can produce multiple videos not just one simple promo video that does nothing for your business. Find a way to produce videos that offer resourceful and helpful information to those who are looking for your product of service. If you can provide a potential customer with value before you ask them for anything you have a much better chance of doing business with them down the road.

With that said simply having a listing in the Yellow Book does not provide a potential customer with much or any value. Same with a video that shows why your business is better than your competitors doing nothing for potential customers. Instead you should focus your marketing dollars on producing content that answers the questions your customers have before doing business with you. That strategy combined with top online accurate directory listings, many of which are free, will get your business found and give those looking for you what they are looking for. At that point is there really a need to pay Dex for a bunch of impression?

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