Stress Free MarketingMarketing is the lifeblood of just about any business. Driving new business to your company is one of the key components to running a successful operation. Marketing can be a stressful operation though. Marketing technology changes almost daily it seems and a great marketing strategy involves people who can adapt quickly to the changing marketplace.

Stress Free Marketing

There are some stress-free approaches to marketing your business that will give you a leg up on your competition and allow you to do so in a sane manner while using the latest technologies. Marketing your business will always be a vital part of the operation but it does not have to be stress-filled to be successful.

Following are a few ideas for easier marketing technology adaption:

  • Experiment and stay agile – Allow employees to work in an agile marketing culture so they can quickly respond to changes. Let them experiment during their work days. Don’t penalize them for failures but encourage them to understand what went wrong and share in their successes.
  • Keep your ears open – Stay on top of new advancements and be on the cutting edge and forefront of emerging technologies. One easy way to do this is to set up RSS feeds to stay abreast on all that is going on in the marketing arena. Read industry publications relating to marketing.
  • Make time to research and learn – Even if you are aware of new and interesting trends in marketing technology you still want to put them into play. Make sure you continue to research and learn as much as you can. Know as much as you can about whatever you are trying to learn and implement.
  • Keep your focus on your strategy – Fads and crazes come and go in all walks of life. Keep your eye on your goal and utilize new marketing tools to realize that goal. The idea is to use new technology to get to your end game easier.
  • Use the right technology – After it’s decided what technology to use make sure it’s right and get your team to buy into it. Get feedback from your team to insure the tools you want to use are correct for your situation.
  • Enable others with the new technology – Producers of software want to see you learn their software. Make sure a team member understands the tool well. Use online training tools and the like to help your entire team became adept at using it.
  • Impact – After you begin using any new marketing technology measure the impact it has on your company’s bottom line. This is what you need to know. How well is our new program doing and how is it measuring up? Use the data from learning new software tools to drive future technology decisions when it comes to marketing.

In today’s business world marketers not only need to be marketing experts but they need to possess enough IT knowledge to become savvy at technology issues. This dual-purpose, or hybrid, role will enable your company to stay on the forefront of marketing technology evolution. Your marketing campaigns will become grass-roots operations that will impact your bottom line in a most favorable way.

Let us know how you’ve made your marketing your business less stressful in the comments below!

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