“The Moment of Truth Marketing” is in the past

In the past it was always thought that grabbing the attention of a consumer was about getting the best professional advice possible. This was all about who was saying what about your product, and a good review from the best product reviewer in the industry meant that your sales would skyrocket. Those days are shifting, and the role of the professional reviewer is being, and has been diminished in the realities of today’s world. Marketing has shifted from information being delivered in a waterfall fashion (top down fashion) to being one where information is organic and delivered in a geyser fashion (from the bottom up). The print publications, television shows, and product reviews in a newspaper from a trusted reviewer don’t hold the weight and relevance they used to a decade ago. Getting a positive review from one of these people is not always the best use of a business’ time and energy, rather today they need to focus on the masses. With the advent of the social media sites that exist today, the masses hold more weight not only because there are more of them out there, but they have a voice that was not heard years ago.
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