Take Your Website from Boring to Brilliant with These 8 Content Types We all know that content is king, but boring content will hurt your sales and your reputation. Think of content creation as another form of customer service, you want to be friendly, engaging and informative with every interaction. In the case of content, this means you have about three seconds to hook your reader and get them to buy in to your business.Boring, ill-written content will say “I don’t care about your time.” and “I have nothing new or unique to offer you.” Imagine a company sales rep saying this to new leads … not cool.

Digital content is way more than text and links. It’s about integrating sound, sights and interactivity into your site. The trend now is utilizing data visualization. Data visualization simply means presenting information in a picture, similar to an info graphic, but it allows the user to click, slide and explore the information themselves.

Here are eight ways to add excitement to your site.

  1. Create Your Own DataBefore your eyes glaze over at the thought of generating original data, it doesn’t have to be presented in a table and involve permutations. Presenting original data in a colorful chart or graph will engage your audience and let them know you are an authority in your field or industry.
  2. Slide Share
    As the name implies, this platform allows your business to share your best presentations with a select group of people.
  3. Animation
    What was once a kitschy accessory for online discussion boards, the animated GIF has become a charming tool on business websites. They introduce and reinforce your brandy identity in a fun way. They also entice visitors to stay on your site for a longer period of time.
  4. Comics
    Comics not only show potential customers that your business has a sense of humor, they can be a powerful tool in your brand identity efforts. As with any piece of content, the cartoon has to have a targeted audience in mind. It’s important to note that younger customers will be the most likely to appreciate a comic.
  5. Hot-button Content
    In the world of online content, you are competing with millions of pages for traffic. Sometimes controversial content will spark a dissuasion that will bring a flood of new visitors to your site. Make sure your company is willing to defend its stance and use the tactic sparingly. You don’t want to be the little boy who cried wolf and get ignored.
  6. Concept or Data Visualization
    This is a powerful way of expressing difficult ideas, think assembly instructions for a child’s toy. Take away the pictures and there’s just confusing text.
  7. Video Streaming
    Live video streaming increases webpage traffic and brings your content to the forefront of technology It promotes real-time social engagement. It can be one of the most powerful tools to promote your products or services.
  8. Infographics
    These are different from concept or data visualization in that it conveys complicated data in a simplified way. The use of colors and creative presentation of mundane information can engage and inform your visitors. Infographic designs can also be easily shared over social media.Every website needs a little punch of color and insight to keep people coming back for more. These content pieces can help your site go from boring to brilliant in no time.

Have you improved your website for your customers recently? Share you tips on how any of these content types helped.

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