8-easy-targeting-opportunities-most-marketers-are-missing-out-onTraditionally, the available marketing tactics that were employed used to target specific groups of people e.g. a given age group or income level. However, this made it difficult to reach out to the consumers at an individual level. Inbound marketing solves this problem by making it easier to segment marketing strategies. Are you using your marketing channels effectively to reach all your target audiences? Here are ten tips that will aid you in reaching your target audience.

Email Marketing Opportunities

  1. Past Purchase

  2. 42% of people admit that they would like it if retailers remembered their browsing and purchasing history, according to Axicom.   Moreover, fifty percent think that retailers should offer them promotions based on their past purchases.  This means that you should use your consumer’s purchase information to personalize their emails; this makes the email valuable to them. Amazon does a great job of suggesting products to customers based on their previous purchases and preferences.

  3. Level of Satisfaction

  4. Gauging the level of satisfaction gotten by the customer helps retailers in email marketing. For instance, if you have a group of customers who love your company you can ask them to be brand ambassadors. On the other hand, you can mend your relationships with unhappy customers by finding out the source of dissatisfaction and addressing it. Customer satisfaction levels can be measured by surveying consumers on whether they would refer your company to other people.

    After gathering this data, you can segment your email contacts according to the level of satisfaction. The low scoring consumers should be considered detractors; aim to improve your relationship with them. The highest scoring consumers should be labeled promoters. Ask them to become your brand ambassadors by referring their friends to your company or writing reviews.

  5. Shopping Cart Abandonment

  6. If a customer added an item to their shopping cart but did not purchase it, that means they wanted it. If you remarket the item to the customer, they are likely to purchase it.

Social Media Opportunities

  1. LinkedIn Groups

  2. LinkedIn is the most effective social media marketing platform. Leveraging the right groups in LinkedIn can help you tap into your target market.

  3. Targeted Facebook Posts

  4. Targeting Facebook posts to the right group of people helps in narrowing down the audience. This helps retailers to keep customers abreast without annoying some followers.

  5. Twitter Hash-tags

  6. Use of hash-tags increases the chance of your post getting found during a targeted search by consumers. Therefore use of hash-tags keeps you in constant communication with your current target demographic.

Paid Media Opportunities

  1. Custom Audiences on Facebook

  2. This feature helps in creating an audience based on information that has been collected from outside sources such as email addresses. This feature gives you the opportunity to be seen by people who visit your website and are not your Facebook fans.

  3. Targeted Landing Pages

  4. PPC advertising is meant tocomplement inbound marketing strategies. When a person clicks on a PPC ad it should lead them to a landing page that catches their attention. This can be achieved by making the content relevant to the visitor

What other targeted marketing opportunities have you had success with with? Share your comments below.

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