The Do’s and Don’ts of Compiling Good Blog ContentIf you have a blog, the best way to keep your readers and guests informed and entertained is by creating new content. Updating your blog content regularly with new interesting topics will increase traffic to your blog and when done correctly even improve the blog ranking on organic search engines. The process of gathering and sorting informative and exciting content from seemingly endless web content to match your audience and present it in an organized, thoughtful manner around the theme of your blog is what is called content curation. Just like anything, there is the right and wrong way of curating your blog content.

Do’s of Compiling Blog Content

  • Position Yourself Authoritatively

    You should make your blog content appear authoritative and display leadership on any important trending issue or topic. You should make your content fully informative to your visitors based on a certain common interest, industry and niche.

  • Know Your Audience

    Actually, this should be your first activity. It is absolutely impossible to gather any information of value and interest to your blog leaders if you do not know who they are. You should take considerable time to learn about their interests, their concerns and their pain points. Once you understand them, you will be able to research well, gather collect information and present it in the best way possible.

  • Use the Right Tools

    You should take advantage of the available curation tools such as Storify to help you gather the right content from various online sources such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube among others. The tools also enable you to export the gathered content to your blog easily. Majority of the curator tools are compatible with most blogs such as Tumblr and WordPress among others. Once you import the content to your blog, you can then share it on social networks.

  • Follow Curator Leaders

    You should always update your content curating skills to match the evolving styles and trends. The best way to learn new tricks and new ways of doing things well is through following leaders who have a great wealth of experience. You should also engage them to learn how they honed their skills, tools they use, how they establish workflows and other general tips.

  • Add Value to The Content

    You should avoid reposting content to your blog. The best way to present content is by simplifying content and summarizing the key points in your presentation in accordance with your blog communication objective.

  • Remain Focused

    Internet is full of content, which can easily overwhelm and confuse you if you do not remain focused on your goal. You should give timeslots to your research to avoid succumbing to data overload and also reduce distractions that can sway you from your initial goal.

Don’ts of Compiling Blog Content

  • Do Not Just Collect Content

    You should realize that anyone can gather and collect content online and that does not make everyone a good content curator. To stand out among thousands, you should try doing things differently like handpicking the content that is important and relevant to your audience. This includes thoroughly searching, strictly vetting, organizing and presenting content in a unique easy to the eye way.

  • Do Not Steal

    You should understand that curating content is not about stealing other people’s work. You should give credit to the original creators by creating backlinks to the source.

  • Avoid Repackaging Content

    You should understand that people need something unique and not what they can find in another blog. You should therefore masterly mix content with your take on the issue.

There is great opportunity to leverage your blog content to show your creditability and connect with your readers. By providing strong content that follows the best practices of for curating blog content your blog will naturally become a valuable tool for your brand and strong connection point with your customers.

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