The 3 Part Recipe for Better Mobile Email MarketingThere was a time when you could send out a mass marketing email and you could be pretty certain that is would be read on a computer with a large screen, either a desktop or a laptop. You had a lot of space to play around with and you could get pretty creative with the look of your message. Some marketers basically sent full web pages to prospects and customers alike.

That is no longer the case. Today it is more likely that the recipient of your email will be looking at it on a smartphone with a screen that is a little bigger than a deck of cards. Not only do you have less visual real estate to work with but you also have more competition for your prospects attention.

The typical smartphone user, let’s call him John, uses his iPhone to check his email as well as upload photos to his Instagram, send out some witty tweets, change his Facebook status, check the weather and see how his favorite sports team is doing.

And he is also doing all of this while he is driving to and from work, picking up his lunch, at the gym and hanging out with friends at the local tavern. As you can see you have only a few seconds to grab John’s attention and get him to open your email and read your message. If you follow these three tips you will greatly increase your chances of connection with John and get his to read your message.

  1. Focus On Subject Line And Pre-header

    When John receives your email he will see three things. First he will notice the sender (you) then the subject line and final, the pre-header. The pre-header is the first line or two of your email that will be visible to John without him having to actually open up the email.

    The subject line is basically a headline. It needs to grab John’s attention so he will stop scanning the rest of his inbox and focus on your email. The pre-header is the first line of your email so it has to pack a punch. You don’t have time to build up to your message anymore. You can’t start off with a story or an anecdote in your sales letter. Get right to the benefit of your offer.

  2. Make Your Email “Thumb Friendly”

    Most people navigate around their smartphones with their thumbs. Thumbs are pretty big compared to the screens on smartphones so you want to make sure your email is easy to navigate. Do not put links right next to each other because John and his giant thumb may not be able to click on the one he wants. Don’t get John frustrated and give him a reason to abandon your email. Make sure your links are easily clickable.

  3. Make Your Message Short And To The Point

    John is a busy man. He has lots of things on his plate and he doesn’t have time to read the 2,000 word sales letter that just landed in his inbox. Keep your call to action short and focused. Make it easy for John to arrive at you landing page and learn more about your offer. You should spend more time editing your message that it took you to write it. Whittle it down to the bare essentials and you will have a greater chance at converting John, and those like him, into a valuable customer.

Have you found success with any of the tips above? Share your comments below.

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