Top 10 Ways to Increase “Likes” and Consumer EngagementCongratulations; Facebook fans and friends have “liked” your posted content! But, are they engaging with your organization beyond this simple click! Engagement leads to conversion. Therefore, it is critical that businesses focus on getting passed the “like” stage.

As you revamp your Facebook marketing campaign, consider the following Top 10 ways to increase not only your “likes”, but your consumer engagement:

  1. Launch a Competition! Let’s face it; almost everyone likes a good competition. Offer a prize or bonus for naming a new product. Offer a discount or freebie to a consumer who ‘shares’ a picture, post or other piece of content.
  2. Offer Valuable Information- Follow the old sales adage “give to get”. Offer something of value in return for a consumer’s action; liking a post, submitting information into an opt-in screen, enrolling in your newsletter, or submitting to become part of your organization’s email marketing campaign. Information of interest could include a short report, how-to guide, ebook, email series or webinar/webcast.
  3. Appeal to All Consumer Senses- Avoid text only posts. Post videos and high-quality photographs to your company’s newsfeed.
  4. Cross-Pollinate Marketing Campaigns- Include links to your Facebook page on your email signature, in your Twitter posts and on your profile, in all newsletter materials, in each of your email campaigns and on all print marketing materials. Also, include a “Follow Us” on Facebook button embedded in each of your website pages.
  5. Post Regularly- Post new, engaging content to your Facebook profile at least daily. Direct-to-consumer businesses may want to consider posting new content to their profiles several times per day.
  6. Link your Facebook Profile and your Company Blog- Make it easy for interested followers to keep up with your posts. Link your Facebook profile and your company’s blog so that posts automatically cross-pollinate.
  7. Social Plug-In- Embed the Facebook social plug-in into your company’s blog and primary website pages.
  8. Vary Post Types- Post links to authority articles and blogs from industry leaders, video clips, photographs, relevant quotes, relevant statistics, internal company news, original content and questions/answers.
  9. Facebook Only Discounts- Post exclusive discounts, incentives and promotions for your Facebook fans and friends. To gain new “likes”, consider a discount, promotion, incentive or even VIP experience in exchange for the ‘like’.
  10. Advertise- Platform specific advertising is a great way to quickly boost the number of ‘likes’ received. Be sure to rotate ads daily to increase your audience appeal.

Increasing the number of Facebook “likes” for your organization is the first step in building a strategic platform marketing campaign. Engagement is the second step. Focus efforts on building a solid fan base and keeping them engaged for the best overall conversion results.

Do you have any other tips for increasing consumer engagement on social media? Share your comments below.

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