Top 2 Reasons A Professional Web Design MattersWeb design can be a key part of your business.  You may be scared of web design because of its complex talk and codes.  However these codes can mean a lot to your business.  Just having pretty pictures and visuals on your website is not enough the behind the scenes is really the important piece.

Your web designer needs to understand how to code and get your site noticed.  Poor web design can harm your business and stunt its growth.  You want your website to bring in business, build a strong reputation online and be legally sound.  Finding a proficient web professional is important, try not to outsource this business to other countries as you want to be able to be in contact with your web designer , you also want them to have knowledge in these areas.

Top 2 Reasons A Professional Web Design Matters

1. Search Engine Optimization

This in basic language means you want those searching to be able to find your business.  Keywords should be used in the code of your website so that your page can be easily picked up when somebody searches those particular words.  Google gives preference to websites that meet certain web standards, these are called W3C.  You want your web designer to know what W3C means as simple errors can destroy your rankings when it comes to search engines.
You want to have the best website coding you can so that search engines such as Google will take your business seriously and apply top rankings.  Having bad coding can destroy your chances of bringing in new business.

Here are some things to check with your designer in regards to SEO

  • Are they using an on page or off page method?
    This method uses things like competitive analysis, meta tags and title tag optimization, keyword analysis, domain purchasing and content optimization. The off page method uses things such as social bookmarking, social media marketing, link building, content writing and consistent blog posting. Work out which method will work for your company better and hire a company that is proficient in that method.
  • Do they have experience working with SEO?
    They should offer you a customized service that suits your business. You can ask them to see a portfolio of their previous work and to show you how well their coding  works on these sites when it comes to search optimization.

2. User Friendly and Accessible

Having a website that any person can access comes back to being W3C compliant.  If your website does make the use of W3C even those with older machines or browsers will be able to find your website.  This accessibility is an important key to getting people to your website over and over again.  Another reason for having full accessibility for everyone to use your website is so you can avoid a class action lawsuit.  Think about the damage It could do if a certain group of people can’t access your site.

Talk to your designer and ensure that your site will let users with different sized screens use your site.  You want it to be accessible by the biggest screen and the smallest such as a smartphone.  Making sure that your site is accessible should be a very high priority.  It also means that you have the chance to grow your future customer base. Ensuring your web design is both search friendly and user friendly can make all the difference when it comes to growing your business.

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