Top 20 Inbound Marketing Articles of the Week: July 12, 2013STORIES are the most organic and effective way to build your brand online, and that’s why over 43 billion dollars have been spent on content marketing this year alone! Whether you are already advertising through content, or you are exploring your brand’s options, you’re in good company. Check out this week’s top articles with helpful tips to increase your online marketing success.

Short shorts are in right now! Not just because it’s summer but because video marketing is where it is at right now. Google is rewarding video with high placements in query results and short videos are the way to get there and easily gain organic search attention.

This week’s round up doesn’t just look at the how to’s of online marketing but digs deeper into some of the psychology of peoples online behavior. To unlock the full potential of the ‘earned media’ component of social media we endeavour to make every piece of content shareable. Don’t miss the post from HootSuite that looks at the psychology behind social sharing.

    Local SEO

  1. Learn the benefits of local search engine optimization compared to an SEO on a larger scale in this post from Living Colorado Style.
  2. TMPblog offers tips and suggestions for proper localization in this blog and podcast.
  3. Learn how to build effective backlinks for websites affected by Google Penguin 2.0 in this post from Maria Johnsen.
  4. Check out the newly released results from Moz search engine ranking factors 2013 study.
  5. Learn some SEO quick wins with Google query data in this post from David Harry with Search Engine Watch.
  6. Social Media Marketing

  7. Learn about social search optimization on five major social networks in part one of this two part series from MarketingProfs.
  8. This infographic from Fat Joe proposes a serious of statistics to help you to convince your boss to invest in content marketing.
  9. Learn the signs that your business may not be using social media tools as effectively as it could in the post from SoapMarketing.
  10. Here are eight tips from Content Marketing Institute on how brands can use the best brand-made and fan-made content to make their emails truly social.
  11. If you’re looking for ways to make your social media endeavors more effective, start with these simple methods from SmartSaavySocial for integrating your blog with social media marketing.
  12. Content Marketing

  13. TommySeilheimer shows us an infographic with 30 ways to promote your blog post.
  14. Learn how to reuse and repurpose your existing content in this post from Heidi Cohen.
  15. Learn why brands are spending 43 billion on STORIES this year in this blog post from Markerly.
  16. HootSuite offers an insightful 3 part series on the psychology of social sharing and how to creating content that will get shared.
  17. Here are 10 reasons why your blog might suck from UhuruNetwork.
  18. Video Marketing

  19. Infusionsoft offers some simple video creation tips to help you market your business and get more visits to your website.
  20. Here from some staggering statistics from video marketing in a video and blog from Ntizuchi.
  21. Are video short-shorts a good fit for marketing? Find out in the post from BtoBOnline.
  22. Learn the proven strategies for any budget including an infographic with 6 steps to video creation all from Amy Porterfield.
  23. OnViewVideo shows us how to get started with our first video marketing campaign.

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