Top 20 Inbound Marketing Articles of the Week: July 19, 2013If content is king then video is its knight! Don’t miss our round up on video marketing posts and all the awesome types of video content you should be producing. Some changes to keep an eye on is mobile marketing. For better or worse we are highly engaged with our smartphones and searching for things online is second nature. A few of this weeks posts will touch on using smartphone usage to your advantage by using mobile marketing and local search to capture more in store sales.

Just remember inbound narketing is more than just the sum of all its parts and with thoughtful and engaging content excused with purpose, you will get results. Big Wins don’t happen often, but when they do, they make it all worthwhile. It’s easy to forget the gratification of past success months down the road you’re trying to assess whether your social media efforts are paying off. Never forget to factor in the Big Wins in content marketing!

    Local SEO

  1. Prepare your business for the new Google maps with tips from SearchEnginePeople.
  2. Search engine marketing ties everything together in this post from Xcellimark.
  3. If your business isn’t readily visible where people are looking for it, they won’t bother to find you. GlobalCoupon tells us why you should list your business online.
  4. Create solid content, plug into social media, and your SEO will fall into place in this overview guide from ThinkBigSites.
  5. LocalSEOSites shows us how local searches from smartphones leads to instore purchases.
  6. Social Media Marketing

  7. Placester offers a small business guide to social media mastery with this infographic.
  8. Check out 10 surprising social media statistics from Buffer that might make you rethink your social strategy.
  9. Website vs. Social Media vs. Email: Where’s Your Real Marketing Muscle? Se where you stack up in this post from Stewart Gandolf.
  10. Lander shows us how to use social media to start conversations.
  11. Learn the pros and cons for posting business images on each social media platform in this post from InternetMarketingAdvantage.
  12. Content Marketing

  13. Learn how to setup redirects and landing pages when promoting offers through Facebook Ads in this post from Zac Johnson.
  14. Idealaunch offers a quick example of how you could generate a lively conversation with your customers online just like you probably already do offline. .
  15. For those with even less marketing budget than time, ExactTarget shows how to identify fans and amplify your brand online
  16. Have you ever received an e-mail from a company soon after visiting their website? That’s marketing automation. This post from Evan VanDerwerker describes the benefits any ways marketing automation can be used.
  17. The Buzz Lab look at two of the most common marketing goals, where they fit into your funnel, and why each requires a fundamentally different approach.
  18. Video Marketing

  19. Learn how to leverage investment in video to build more links in this post from Moz.
  20. MarketTest suggests 7 reasons why videos have become the fastest growing online advertising platform for businesses;
  21. Viddler offers 5 different types of online video formats you can easily produce today.
  22. Stop feast or famine marketing in this video post from TheCogentCoach.
  23. Drop everything. Push button. Commit to: WHAT WOULD YOU DO. Heineken’s campaign awesomeness from Hubspot.

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