Top 20 Inbound Marketing Articles of the Week: July 26, 2013Local Search posts were killing it this week! Straight forward and to the point the Local Search roundup is worth a deeper look. We have mentioned throughout our site and blog the important of the correct Business Name, Address and Phone Number on your web page. This establishes your location for local searches and is basically the starting point for search engines.

Is Google getting into eCommerce? The Google “Helpouts” platform currently being internally tested will have the the capacity to connect merchants and consumers on both an immediate and scheduled basis. According to a tipster, the platform will allow sellers to create their own profiles and take advantage of reputation management, scheduling and payment features, while offering robust search and discovery tools for consumers.

Your brain is always going to be your best tool for successful content marketing but sometimes it could use a jumpstart. This weeks round-up features premium posts that will help guide you through a success inbound marketing campaign. From ideas for social media success, to tool to inspire better content and finally 5 YouTube Tricks; we have basically served you a playbook for inbound marketing success!

Local SEO

    1. Joel Headley and his team are now wow-ing us with unprecedented phone support for our Google business listings! Find out how in this post from LocalUniversity.
    2. Discover why your business needs citations to rank higher in local search from LocalSearchCanada.
    3. Did you know Penguin 2.0 brings good news for local business? Search Engine Journal gives us strategies to capitalize on the update (hint, #1 is a big part of the strategy!)
    4. Meet Helpouts, Google’s Secret Project That Turns Hangouts Into A Commerce Platform in this post from TechCrunch.
    5. Curious how consumers use local search on their mobile phones? Find out in the post from MarketingProfs.

Social Media Marketing

    1. Nordstrom is bringing their social media into the real world in this post on how 3 big brands get creative with social media marketing from PoweredBySearch.
    2. Some great things to think about regarding your social media marketing, whether you’re using “tactics” or “strategy” – or a little bit of both in this post by SpinSucks.
    3. SocialMediaExaminer shows how you can get attention from your social media updates by using these simple Psychology methods!
    4. What is Google Plus? +Michael Bennett offers a very well done complete user guide.
    5. Synecore teaches us how to run your social media marketing like a newsroom.

Content Marketing

    1. Find out what the movies can teach us about content marketing in this post from TheSocialMediaHat.
    2. If you feel like your content needs a splatter of inspiration read through this post from OverIt for resources on some content marketer super tools!
    3. When it comes to content marketing best practices can less sometimes be more? Find out in this post from ContentMarketingInstitute.
    4. Business2Community shows us why content marketing is just like SEO….only better!
    5. Ping-Pong and the Art of Content Marketing how the two seemingly unrelated pair go hand in hand from Skyward.

Video Marketing

  1. Are Vine and Instagram the new path to brand engagement? Find out in this post from SAP.
  2. The perfect union, video marketing and social media marketing go hand in hand in this post from EnablersforSuccess.
  3. 5 YouTube Tricks You Probably Never Knew Existed: Listen On Repeat; Video Sharing Start Time; Searching Features and more in this post from Reel SEO.
  4. Who doesn’t want a better return on their marketing investment. Content Marketing Institute shows us how to create high_ROI video content marketing with Google+ Hangouts on Air.
  5. Here is one of the most watched social media marketing videos in the world; Social Media Revolution from international best selling author and keynote speaker Erik Qualman.

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