Top 20 Inbound Marketing Articles of the Week: July 5, 2013You can’t paint everything with the same color. Your marketing efforts need to reflect your creativity in the same way that your individual business sets itself apart. This weeks round up paints a colorful picture of all the facets of content marketing.

We tend to think of content marketing as a modern phenomenon, something developed as an outgrowth of contemporary SEO strategy. But content marketing is nothing new, people were telling stories in their marketing materials decades ago. One post this week, will make you look at content marketing in a whole new light as it introduces a marketing brochure from the 1940’s and shows how the concepts of what we are now calling inbound marketing are there.

We keep talking about the features of Vine but this week I found a gem in great post that shows you how companies are using Vine for marketing. Be sure to check the video marketing post and it’s inclusion of Vine videos from brands, it should really make things click and hopefully spark some inspiration.

    Local SEO

  1. Learn the secret weapon for Local SEO in this post from Discover Your Customers.
  2. Visualize This: Your Yelp Reviews, Now with Photos Attached. Learn about the new features in this post from Yelp.
  3. Spot On Agency shows us 5 things you must do NOW for Local SEO.
  4. Calling all local business owners new to SEO: Start with Google Places for business. Learn how in this post by Bruce Clay.
  5. RIP Google Reader. If you are reading this, you definitely aren’t using Google Reader as of Tuesday. Learn how to move your subscription to a Google Reader Alternative account in this post from Techsmith.
  6. Social Media Marketing

  7. Social Ape Marketing offers us a guide to 6 free tools to enhance your social media marketing.
  8. Learn how to effectively use Instagram for your business in this post by Paveya.
  9. Make sure your company isn’t getting it wrong. Check out this post from Sales Force Marketing Cloud.
  10. Sometimes things can go wrong so be prepared for a Social Media PR problem in this post from ARCompany.
  11. Learn if social media activity improves search rankings in this post from NewsVend.
  12. Content Marketing

  13. Content marketing is the perfect way to personalize your brand as seen in this post and infographic from The Catalyst Partnership.
  14. Econsultancy offers a fresh look at content marketing with five irresistible tips you can learn from 1940s content marketing.
  15. Clarity breaks down the methodology behind Word of Mouth marketing.
  16. Check out this post from Reputation Capital with an Editor’s Guide to working with content marketing writers.
  17. Learn how to transition from a traditional marketing budget to an inbound marketing budget in this post from Hubspot.
  18. Video Marketing

  19. Learn how to maximize your video marketing strategy with Google Hangouts on Air in this post from Red Website Design.
  20. If you are new to the game Likeable offers 5 things you need to know before creating your social media strategy.
  21. Get some inspiration from MediaHawk in this post showing 7 ways marketers are using Vine.
  22. Content Marketing Institute gives us tips for success with video content marketing along with a case study.
  23. Learn 3 ways to optimize YouTube Titles in this post from SimpleVloggingTips.

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