Top 20 Inbound Marketing Articles of the Week: June 21, 2013

This week was all about video for me. Instagram launched a 15 second video sharing feature with filters and editing that should leave it’s users pretty happy. Naturally this opens up the discussion to when we can expect Facebook to be adding video advertising with a consensus that we will probably see it delayed until fall.

Who wouldn’t want to run with the in crowd? This weeks social media posts offer advice on how to be like the cool kids when it comes to social media strategy. Check out an awesome “on the envelope” campaign which, in addition to be super cool, has some very successful results. Last but not least, take a look at how some companies use even their unsubscribe emails as an opportunity for a video content marketing strategy rather than just going off silently into the night. Hubspot= Best. Unsubscribe. Ever.

Local SEO

  1. Google+ is a must for modern businesses. See how it can make your social media campaigns soar with this article from Search Engine People.
  2. There are essentially a million different ways to fry the fish but this article from The Moz Blog offers some principally sound advice in this Beginners Checklist for Small Business SEO.
  3. Brick Marketing Blog picks the brain of local SEO expert Chris Silver Smith in this Q&A.
  4. Econsultancy offers 7 quick tips for success with localized SEO that are great for big brands and small businesses alike.
  5. Local businesses hold on to the reigns, Google’s new “local carousel” layout is starting to roll out to the general public. Read more on what to expect in this article from AutoRevo.
  6. Social Media Marketing

  7. Mobile Marketing Watch offers an Infographic that breaks down the 7 different types of social media fans. If you are a business marketing on social media (you should be) you don’t want to miss this post.
  8. Could you social media strategy be floundering because of poor color choices on your marketing materials? This infographic and article from Social Media Today on how color explain how color psychology influences purchasing.
  9. Amy Porterfield offers some queen bee strategies on how to be more like the “cool kids” with your social media marketing.
  10. When your social media tactics are in line with your marketing goals, you’ll find it easier to measure your ROI. Learn how in the blog post from Social Media Examiner.
  11. Marketing Sherpa offers a video interviewing Jay Baer, President, Convince & Convert who ask the thought provoking question about social media marketing, “Can you compete with your customers mom?”
  12. Content Marketing

  13. Did you know brand or company receives 55 percent more inbound traffic through blogging compared to businesses that do not blog. Look at this infographic from SocialBarrel to see all the stats.
  14. Encourage your blog readers to share your content with these simple steps from Find My Blog Way.
  15. Content marketing has 3 important stages that build off each other. Learn how to embrace the stages in this post from Business to Community.
  16. No content marketing strategy is complete without images. Steve Masters shows up how to optimize content marketing with images.
  17. If you are looking to make the most of your content check out this post from VerticalMeasures detailing all the ways you can repurpose content.
  18. Video Marketing

  19. Waldow Social offers the BEST. UNSUBSCRIBE. EVER.
  20. Look out Vine. Instagram has added support for recording short video clips. Find out more on the features in this post from MarketingLand.
  21. PSFK shows us how one company turns an envelope into an office turntable that works with a smartphone device. It’s just too cool!
  22. Check out this post from Rip Media Group to make sure you don’t make these 3 big mistakes for mobile video content and advertising.
  23. Savvy Panda offers a beginners guide to video marketing with 4 ways that you can start using video in your content marketing strategy.
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