Top 20 Inbound Marketing Articles of the Week: June 28, 2013 “There’s no crying in baseball.” Or social media marketing, for that matter. This week’s social media marketing posts are all about analogies. From baseball, to rock stars to the Game of Thrones, we look at marketing from all angles in this week’s round up.

Who doesn’t love a good eye-tracking study? This week I’ve found two that will hopefully better acquaint yourself with the user behavior on websites we all need to know. Content, we are swimming in it and unfortunately so much of it is crap. Check out our posts that will help you rise above and inject authenticity into your lifeless content strategy.

With the addition of Instagram video last week the competition is really heating up between video platforms for mobile, social media. Be sure to check out our video marketing posts to see what a strong component they are to a good content marketing strategy.

    Local SEO

  1. In going at local search engine optimization, keep these five definite no no’s from Gadzoog in mind.
  2. Ethical SEO Consulting offers great visuals and a heat map to answer the question where people are clicking on the new local carousel.
  3. Learn about seven different ways you can optimize your Yelp listing in this comprehensive guide from Moto Message.
  4. MediaHawk puts to rest false rumors that call tracking harms your local SEO.
  5. Learn how you can do effective local seo on a budget in this post from Marketing Tech Blog.
  6. Social Media Marketing

  7. Avoid striking out by checking out this post from ZOG Digital on why social media is just like baseball.
  8. Don’t ditch you email marketing campaign without reading Jeff Bullas‘ post with steps to optimize your emails for social media.
  9. For all the Game of Thrones lovers check out The Social Media Hat‘s clever analogy
    between the clashes between the Houses of Westeros, and the recent conflict between Twitter and Facebook and Google+.
  10. CyberAlert offer some easily digestible social media statistics with this infographic.
  11. Find out why content marketing is a do over for social media in this post from Businesses Grow.
  12. Content Marketing

  13. Wild Boy touches on some high level ideas in building the foundation for your online marketing strategy.
  14. Mike Hale shows us how content marketers could take some lessons from rock legends.
  15. Are you publishing phony content? Learn how to authenticate with these tips from Open View Blog.
  16. Kiss Metrics offers 7 important eye-tracking studies that give a sneak peek into common browsing patterns and elements of human behavior that all marketers need to know.
  17. Keshot gives us 5 picture marketing strategies that works.
  18. Video Marketing

  19. Check out the breakdown of Vine versus Instagram videos from Propel Marketing.
  20. Familiarize yourself with Instagram video features and see how it’s taking a swing at Vine’s share of the market in this post from Hubspot.
  21. Why video marketing? YouTube is the second largest search engine. Learn more from this infographic from The Main Street Analyst.
  22. Reel SEO shows us the changing nature of online video viewing habits.
  23. Check out these 15 stats brands should know about online video from Digiday.

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