Top 20 Inbound Marketing Articles of the Week: June 8, 2013This week we keep it close to home with valuable information on local seo and business geolocation. If your business has been ignoring Google + it’s time to start paying attention as new data is now showing it is the second most popular social network site in the US. Do you want to be liked more, who doesn’t….while we might not be able to help you personally we did find some great tips on getting more likes on Facebook. In our content round-up we take the guesswork out of knowing what your customers want and found valuable information on what they actually want along with how to make sure they find you on Google +. Our video section includes tips for YouTube marketing that might just catapult your video into viral trendiness.

Local SEO

  1. Do you have a strong local search presence? If not you might want to work on yours after reading this article from Lawyer SEO Marketing.
  2. SEO is not an exact science with a precise formula for success. Search Engine Journal gives us a list of 31 SEO Experiments whether they works or not.
  3. Location, location, location…learn how to tweak your business geolocation from Web Marketing Today.
  4. A post with alot of value and interest came from The Moz Blog and gives us a case study on how to build links to your blog.
  5. By now most of us are familiar with Google Glass but what do you know about how it will change the game of SEO? Powered By Search breaks it down.

Social Media Marketing

  1. Who doesn’t want to be liked more? Social Media Revolver shows us how to be liked more . . at least on Facebook.
  2. Grow Socially presents an easy step-by-step guide to make sure that you are turning every tradeshow and conference into an online marketing campaign.
  3. Search Engine Watch helps us leverage a social CEO. Read it then forward it to your boss.
  4. Are you on Google + yet? The Realtime Report has current data that shows why you should be.
  5. The B2B Guide To Social Media offers 3 simple steps to pimp out your business Facebook page.

Content Marketing

  1. Do you think you know what your customers want? CopyBlogger shows us the 5 things customers actually want.
  2. We know content is king but it’s good to know that Amazon is betting on it too. See why as Brian Solis explains Amazon’s investment into content.
  3. Content Marketing Institute explains why content marketing is no longer just a little piece of what we have always been doing in our marketing strategy.
  4. If your business has evolved away from its initial branding Develop A Web offers us an outline for a brand evolution.
  5. If you are trying to increase your digital footprint, Rebekah Radice shows how to make an impact with Google +.

Video Marketing

  1. Have you ever wished that you could create a video people can’t help but sharing? Come a little closer with these viral video characteristics from Simple Vlogging Tips.
  2. Save time with Reel Seo’s guide on how to create YouTube export settings in Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere.
  3. Wondering about the best way to optimize your business YouTube Channel, Michael Hartzell offers great advice with a nice infographic.
  4. If your business is feeling challenged by getting found online, Media Novak breaks it down on how to press “play” on your video marketing plan.
  5. Mashable gives us access to successful young entrepreneurs share their tips on mazimzing YouTube’s marketing potential.

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