Top 6 Ways to Get Your Boss to Care About Content MarketingPitching an idea to a client or your manager is not an easy task for everyone. If you are going to pitch any content marketing idea to your boss or client, you must do it right otherwise you may not have another chance. Everything in business revolves around using your persuasion skills to influence decisions of potential clients which = money.

Here Are 6 Ways to Get Your Boss to Care About Content Marketing:

  1. Create a Story
  2. You have to come up with a unique yet compelling story that describes your idea in a subtle manner that makes the audience part of the story. This should make such people want to hear more about it. Since your business is unique, you should have a unique story to support your pitch as well. A sure way of coming up with your sales story can be through, embedding the brand with the story, seeking help from those who are good at it and Googling what you don’t know.

  3. Match Your Story With Specific Goals
  4. Entrepreneurs want to see things in figures and graphs as opposed to lengthy stories. After all, they are in business to make money. Avoid all the technical jargon you think you know and just explain things in plain language on how you intend to make money for the business. This should definitely be backed by objectively verifiable evidence that you can make that happen. You can use your company’s prior projects or performance to explain what you can do to your boss’s firm.

  5. Pairing the Vision, Goals and Benefits
  6. The essence of a content marketing campaign is not to have it go viral but to serve the specific business needs that exist at that time. You will observe numerous benefits irrespective of whether the content is viral or not. Here is a few of them.

    • It is a strategic move, which is actually safe
    • It enables you to create a strong network similar to a flywheel
    • Enhances the consistency of customers such that you enhance brand loyalty
    • It is a good way of capturing traffic for a long time


  7. Support Your Idea With Examples
  8. Storytelling should never stop. In fact, you should develop a story, probably based on a true story on how you are the savior to many businesses. Do not also forget about talking about the things you struggle with. This is a subtle marketing approach that you should approach with care otherwise you may spoil everything. This should be supported by actual results of your past clients

  9. Show Your Plan
  10. You will disappoint your client if you lack any concrete plan. This should thus be done keeping the following four simple steps in mind.

    • Research
    • Compile
    • Execute
    • Analyze


  11. Managing Expectations
  12. Anyone who has invested resources in anything wants to get value for their decision. Your boss is no exception. To ensure your boss does not get impatient, be honest, give timelines and involve his or her key staff in the entire process.

  13. Expect the Best
  14. Now that your boss is committed to content marketing, you should never disappoint him. After all, you have shown that you can do it. This is the time to honor your promises by delivering the best and involving his staff in the program.

  15. Deliver
  16. The best way to meeting your end of the bargain is honoring your commitments. This should be done in a transparent manner. You should not try to hide anything to your boss; otherwise, they would get uncomfortable and back off from the deal.

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