turn-leads-into-raving-fans-what-to-keep-doingRunning a business can sometimes seem like a nonstop roller coaster ride – especially when it comes to convincing leads to make the jump from prospect to paying customer. Technology gives us tools we can use to make the process easier, but in a sea full of “shoulds” and “don’ts” it can be difficult to weed out the fluff and find out what’s really crucial for your business.

Instead of telling you what you shouldn’t do, here are eight things you need to keep doing in order to transform a so-so sales year to a stellar year:

  1. Keep Converting

    The more conversions you can get from a prospect, the more information you can gather about them. You can design content and programs with your big hitters in mind and almost guarantee they’ll keep buying. Either way you’ll wind up knowing for sure who your really engaged prospects are.

  2. Keep It Personal

    Use the information you gather on your prospects to personalize your communications with them. Segment your list using information like this and you can hone in the best ways to engage and nurture your leads by speaking directly to their interests and needs.

  3. Keep It Relevant

    Keep a prospect’s stage in the sales cycle in mind when you’re communicating. You may not want to send them information encouraging them to buy your newest product when they just joined your mailing list, for example. Segmenting lists and setting up a series of emails to be delivered once a new prospect joins your list are ways to do this.

  4. Keep It Timely

    No one likes feeling as though they’re being pressured or spammed. Test the best email frequency, for example, to ensure that you’re hitting your audience’s “sweet spot”. You may also want to test the best times to send communication. Which times of day/days of the week get the best response?

  5. Keep Leveraging

    If you have a blog, what’s been your most widely-read and popular post? You know, the one people are still sharing to this day? If you have content like that which was just described, you want to start creating even more content in that vein. Use the data you collect on your audience’s tastes, needs etc based on how they respond to your materials and keep giving them what they want.

  6. Keep Focusing On the Good Stuff

    What’s been your most successful offer or program thus far? How much spotlight are you devoting to it – on your blog, in your newsletters, etc? If you have a stand-out performer in your arsenal, be sure to keep it in the forefront of your promotional efforts. Call it your “signature” program/offering and make sure it’s enticing to new prospects.

  7. Keep Trying

    Just because a potential client didn’t bite on past offers doesn’t mean that the next offer coming down the pike isn’t just right for them. Make sure you keep them in the sales funnel, keep engaging with them and treat them like gold no matter what.

  8. Keep Communicating

    It’s crucial to maintain good communication between the marketing and sales departments of your company. Make sure the sales department knows how to interpret the information being generated by the marketing team, such as the difference between an engaged and quality lead who should be pursued, and someone who may need a little more time or nurturing.

Remembering that your leads and customers alike are individuals will go a long way toward building a profitable relationship with them. Addressing them as such by using the tips and techniques outlined above will create raving fans who will be more than happy to spread the word.

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