Using Opt-In Contact Lists to Build Your Email DatabaseMarketing teams often purchase contact lists in attempt to reach out to the maximum number of possible clients. The problem with this is you could be reaching out to the wrong demographic. While some lists are fairly focused in the types of individuals they contain, others are padded with the names and contact information of people collected by random means. Most companies want to get the most bang for their buck. Purchasing contact lists can be expensive and ineffective compared to opt-in lists that are created by focusing on individuals who have already shown an interest in the company.

Opt-in Lists

Opt-in lists are created as individuals “opt” or choose to receive emails from your company about specific products and monthly specials. These lists are highly localized and compiled of individuals who are more apt to purchase your products or services. Using a generic client list that is purchased from a marketing agency can provide hundreds of names, of which only a handful may be useful.
Individuals who are found on purchased lists often times do not even know their information is being distributed. Contacting them with emails or other electronic forms of communications can lead to your company being flagged for spam emails.

Don’t Waste Money on Something That Doesn’t Produce

Purchasing a contact list costs money that could be used more efficiently in other marketing projects. Creating an opt-in list, however, can be as simple as placing an online ad and compiling a list of the names and contact information of every individual who clinks on the associated link.

The cost of the ad serves two purposes. It puts your company’s name out there and encourages individuals to research your company by clicking the corresponding link. You get verifiable leads instead of a purchased list where only 1 name out of 100 is a possible connection.

The Benefits of Using Opt-in Lists

  • Doubles as a form of advertising
  • Reduces the amount of time wasted on cold calls that don’t produce active leads
  • People who make the opt-in lists have already shown an interest

The possibility of just one person from the list becoming a future customer is dramatically higher than if the name had been found on a purchased list. Using purchased lists also increases the possibility of your emails being reported as spam or unsolicited communications.

The Bottom Line

If a person is found on an opt-in list, it means they chose to be there. Individual’s whose name appears on a purchased list may have little interest in receiving emails or any other type of communication from you or your company. The key to making yourself heard is being able to contact the individuals who are open to what you have to offer. Opt-in lists provide those connections to your company.

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