One of the hottest social networks out there right now is Vine, a platform owned by the addictive social network Twitter. However unlike Twitter, which allows users to send out 140-character messages to a public social networking platform, Vine utilizes the popularized use of short online videos–6 seconds, to be exact. These are bite-sized forms of social media marketing, and it’s not just for regular consumers to use anymore. Even businesses are hopping on the Vine social media marketing trend and are seeing stellar results.

What makes Vine a good idea for a business to look into? Here are some things to consider for your own social media marketing strategy and implementing Vine.

Going Deeper Than Pictures

There are all sorts of people out there who have preferences on how they view their content. Some of them prefer long articles and use services like Flipboard or Pulse, while others prefer looking at images on highly popular apps like Instagram. Then, there are those who prefer online video and can normally be found on YouTube, and most recently, Vine.

The viral nature of Vine social media marketing has mostly been attributed to the fact that it’s very easy to sign-up with, make a video, and search for more videos. There are comedic videos, how-to’s, and even promotional Vine posts that are created by major brands like American Apparel, Starbucks, Adidas, marketing agencies, and technology companies. Videos can be both stimulating with visuals and audio, able to convey a message much easier (and quicker), and it’s all connected with other major social networks to boot.

Even More Content Marketing

Another very popular means of generating leads, making more money, and generally garnering more exposure online is through something called content marketing. This means using the power of online articles, blog posts, images, and video as part of your marketing strategy. This can even include Vine, since it is a type of multimedia and it embeddable.

For the longest time, YouTube was dominating the online video market over Vimeo. But now, it has some new competition with Vine. Not only that, but Vine is forging its own niche of smaller, shorter videos that can be watched while out and about and on-the-go, which can be much easier and inexpensive for businesses looking into online video marketing.

Exciting & New Marketing Strategies

Inbound marketing is an ever changing landscape that your business needs to be able to stay on top of, which means giving newer apps like Vine a chance when it comes to your strategies. The best thing about these sort of new social media marketing methods is that they’re completely free to use and won’t make you go broke with your marketing budget.

Vine social media marketing in general is a very new thing and is only going to continue to grow. It may even have better advertising and promoting features in the near future, just like Twitter. All it takes on your end is willing to change with the times and giving it a chance while everything is still being built up and making your own mark in the niche.

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