Want to Be Amazing at Creating CTA's? Here's 4 Simple Steps HowAn effective call-to-action is an important part of a successful blog post. Whether you are looking to build a large email list, drive more traffic to your blog or sell a product, CTAs are essential for getting your readers to take actions that will help you to achieve these goals. If you are trying to build a list, you want your readers to give you their email. If you are trying to drive traffic, you want your readers to like, share and comment on your post. Writing an effective CTA is an art. If your CTAs are clumsy and awkward, readers may be turned off. Graceful CTA’s offer your readers something that makes them happy to take the desired action. Here are some tips for writing graceful CTAs.

Convey Value

A graceful CTA is clear about what value the reader will get for taking the desired action. Vague CTA’s that simply ask the reader to sign up do not really convey value. Ask readers to sign up for your newsletter to receive the latest information on content marketing. That CTA tells them reader what they are going to get for signing up. Do not ask your readers to like your Facebook page. That is too vague. Ask them to join a community of sales experts by liking your Facebook page. These graceful CTAs offer something of value to the reader.

Save the Best for Last

Some bloggers break up paragraphs to insert a CTA at every possible point in their blog post. This does not work because readers want valuable content from your blog. They do not want to be driven to a squeeze page at every possible opportunity. No one is going to share your content if you constantly ask for shares. Save the CTA until the end of the post. Once you have educated, informed and entertained your reader, then you can gracefully invite them to act.

Be Relevant

Sometimes the CTA is not relevant to the topic of the post. If your blog post is a recipe that is good for diabetics, it may not be relevant to ask the reader to download your ebook on gluten-free living. There is only a tangential relationship between these two topics. Readers will pick up that you are only after their email addresses. If you want to be graceful, make sure that what you are offering in the CTA is relevant to the topic of the blog post.

Vary the Language

Nothing is more awkward than pasting the same CTA at the end of every blog post. You should vary the phrasing of your CTA as much as possible in each post. This makes your request less obvious. Instead, you demonstrate thoughtfulness by crafting a unique invitation to share something of value at the end of every post.

By paying more attention to your CTAs, you can increase the conversion rates for your blog posts. Working hard to craft graceful CTAs will yield dividends in the long run. Your subscriber list and audience will grow as people sign up and share your content.

Do you have any additional tips for creating strong CTA’s? Share your comments below.

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