Website Maintenance Background Information

What are the Benefits

Regular website maintenance is a key factor in maintaining a high ranking site with good conversion ratios. Google sees a regularly updated site as one that has fresh content and as a result will rank it higher. These updates can be content, site tweaks, bug fixes, WordPress updates, or other necessary regular changes. All of these updates tell Google that you have a current page that is valuable to it’s readers.

Why it’s Critical

Security updates and website platform version updates are crucial to the safety and security of your website. As bugs and hacks are discovered by users and admins of a website platform, the website platform team strives to stay one step ahead by releasing security updates and version updates to counter these attacks. This means that an out-of-date website is much more vulnerable to hacks and bugs that will slow you down or completely incapacitate your website.

PageLadder Partners

PageLadder has teamed up with our trusted website design and maintenance partners to offer you two website maintenance packages to keep your site secure and up to date. PageLadder is offering exclusive discounted rates for website maintenance through our partners with both monthly and hourly packages. With regular maintenance paired with PageLadder’s top quality SEO, your site is guaranteed to be on top.

Different Packages Designed to Fit Your Business Needs

Monthly Maintenance Plan

Our monthly plan is designed for those who need multiple updates monthly. This plan is a better value for those individuals seeking regular updates as the hourly rate is less than the hourly alternative. We encourage our clients to opt for the monthly package, as regular website updates mean a more current and secure website, translating to better rankings and more conversions. Our website maintenance partners perform updates and fixes in the most efficient and effective manner saving you time and money.

Hourly Maintenance Plan

Our hourly plan includes all features of the monthly plan but at a higher hourly rate. If you only want an occasional website edit or update this plan serves as a temporary solution.

Types of Website Maintenance Services Included:

Website Updates, Places Page Updates, WP Version/Plugin Updates, Content Updates, Embedding Videos, Social Share Buttons, Bug/Error Fixes (404), Minor Design Tweaks, Minor Code Tweaks, Security Tweaks/Updates, Email/Contact Form Updates, Ad graphics and More.

PageLadder Website Maintenance Price Chart


Brian is a trusted web design and maintenance partner, offering two maintenance packages: hourly and monthly. Brian can do some basic design work as well as website maintenance. Brian comes highly recommended as he is both easy to work with and delivers quality timely results.

  • Monthly and hourly packages
  • Basic design work offered
  • Quality website maintenance for wide range of clients


Rob is a trusted web design and maintenance partner, offering two maintenance packages: hourly and monthly. Rob’s business is specifically website maintenance, meaning his prices do not include any sort of design work. Rob comes highly recommended for your regular website maintenance needs.

  • Monthly and hourly packages
  • No Design Work Offered
  • Phone, Video calls, and remote control sessions by appointment