YouTube As Part of Your Marketing PlanMany businesses struggle in deciding if YouTube should be part of their social marketing plan. The answer is different for every company but if it is done the right way, a YouTube channel can help your business. One thing to remember is that people go to YouTube for one reason and that is to watch videos. They rarely stumble across a video. They have searched for a specific topic or arrived there through a link to get the video they want. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine so you want them to search for your videos.

You should not create just one video and think that is the end of the process. You should make a series of videos that build off each other. You might create a series of videos on the features of a certain piece of software. You can focus on one feature for each short video. This will give your channel the perception of authority in that particular field.

There is one main way to measure your YouTube marketing efforts and that is your branded search volume. If it is done right, you YouTube efforts will show up in an increased number of searches for your brand. This will show if your marketing efforts are gaining any traction.

If you decide to start up your own YouTube channel there are a few types of videos that you should focus on producing.

  1. How-To and Instructional Videos

  2. When people are trying to learn how to do something new, like learning how to tie a tie, they increasingly turn to YouTube videos. Watching a video is easier than wading through a lot of dense text. With these types of videos you can capitalize on any specific of unique knowledge that you company possesses.

  3. Thought Leadership Videos

  4. Positioning your company as a leader in a particular field or industry is easy with videos. These videos will display your knowledge and expertise and also provide valuable information to your viewers. Think of it as making a video of a white paper. One of the easiest ways to produce a video like this is to simply record a speech or presentation.

  5. Creative Videos Based On Your Brand

  6. These videos are harder to create. These are the viral videos that you see reports on from time to time. Usually it’s a video of someone doing something unbelievable like jumping over a car or climbing a skyscraper. The conversation centers around trying figure out if it is real or computer generated. It is later learned that it is an ad created specifically generate controversy. These types of videos are very hit or miss.

If your customers are watching videos related to your industry on YouTube you should consider setting up your own channel. The audience is already there, now it is time for you to provide them with content that they will find valuable.  A YouTube channel is a simple, effective way for your company to build its brand, authority and reputation. It is a way to interact with and provide value to you customers and prospects.

Are there any other types of videos that you have had success with on YouTube?  Share you tips below.

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